In My Head…aches

Day #92
June 22, 2008, 3:07 am
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I missed another day, that was my mistake!

So my headaches have really fallen out of a pattern. Some days, they’re far worse in the mornings and they ease up in the evenings, sometimes they peak in the middle of the day, and sometimes I just have to cut my days short because the evenings are most brutal.

Unlike the first two or three days days of the 200mg/day on Topamax when I had really bad headaches, the intensity has seemed to drop to what I was experiencing before, but still no better.

I’m on 60mg of Cymbalta a day now, and although that’s a low dosage (or so I think), I’m feeling the effects of that on my stomach. Maybe I’m not eating enough in the mornings (I like to think I do?), but my stomach hasn’t been the same the past few days.

Anyways, that’s what my case has been. I have an MRA and an MRV scheduled on Monday. I’m fairly positive that they’ll show up normal, I’m not sure why I’m even getting it done…I guess it’s just to be safe.

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