In My Head…aches

Day… who knows
August 20, 2008, 3:39 am
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Hey all,

I don’t think anyone follows this regularly, but I took a hiatus from writing here because I got concerned that someone from my family may have found it and began to read it. If you were really inside my head, you’d know that I hate how people in my family don’t stop bugging me about this headache.

If I were legitimately crazy, I’d talk to an invisible friend everyday about my headache. It would be perfect because they couldn’t bother me back. My social life has really toned down lately because of my headaches…I have to keep canceling plans on people and don’t ever make commitments at night. I hate it.

I’m moving soon and everyone is really worried about how I’m going to do with the move. I’ve never admitted it to anyone, but I hope I do well. I’ll be starting over as far as making friends goes, so I hope I can go out and make friends fine, and hopefully a few really good ones who I can talk to about my headaches in case there’s ever an emergency.

I’ll be starting Depakote soon (tomorrow? the day after?) so hopefully that helps. I’ll also be seeing a pain doctor soon. I’m counting on a lot of things.

I’m sick of headaches, but I’m even more sick of people going out of there way to treat me differently because of them. I HATE that. Anyways, thanks for reading.